Hero photograph
Baby Broomers Curling Team
Photo by Kelk Photography


Miss A Walsh —

Curling is a relatively new sport at Columba College, however in the couple of years that it has been available for students it has really grown.

This year, Columba College entered two teams in the Dunedin Otago Curling Secondary School novice grade. Games of one-hour duration are held at the Ice Rink every Wednesday afternoon/evening. Both teams have had the luxury of choosing their names, with the Senior A team ‘Columba Baby Broomers’ winning the ‘Best team name in Dunedin Curling History’ as said by Dunedin Curling Director Simon Noble. Curling is a great sport to choose, as it is both social and competitive. It allows you to not only meet new friends, but provides an opportunity to strengthen friendships with those you already know. The opportunities are endless for those who want to do well in curling, with anyone under the age of 16 able to trial for the youth Winter Olympics team. Last year, one team from Columba College entered the Curling Nationals which were held in Dunedin. Due to some rule changes the team consisting of Courtney Parks, Masie Offen, Tayna Barnes and Alana Walsh were robbed of getting a place in the top four in New Zealand. This has only made the Baby Broomers more determined to do well when competing in the upcoming South Island Secondary School Competition!

Alana Walsh

Curling Captain