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2017 Level 2 Academic Blues Recipients
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Academic Blues

Mrs Rowe —

Last week we celebrated the academic success of our 2017 academic blue recipients. 76 current students and recent graduates received an academic blue in recognition of their hard work and achievement in gaining excellence in NCEA level 1, 2 or 3.

These results do not come without hard work and perseverance. Not only is there significant the time and dedication given by each student but they in turn are surrounded by support both at home and school to nourish their academic success.

Our staff are committed to excellence. They demonstrate care for each individual, deliver hours of work on NCEA and help lay the foundations of learning in the early years. Building relationships with students is a key part of Columba’s ethos and one we know our graduates value greatly when they look back on their time here.

Some of the standout results for Columba College in NCEA last year were 88% of our Level 1 certificates were awarded with endorsements and 100% of our year 12 students achieved NCEA Level 2. However, our students’ academic achievements stretch far beyond NCEA with top art awards, national essay and speech winners, quiz and debating victories, international awards for languages and academic scholarships to New Zealand and international universities.

With the academic success of 2017 fresh in our students’ minds, they are now setting their sights on their goals for 2018. As a College community we will support them in striving to achieve their very best and nourish the flame of their academic potential.