Hero photograph
Year 9 drama
Photo by Ms I Bercinskas

The Shows Went On!

Ms Bercinskas —

Despite a confluence of events and conditions the shows went on including 17 individualised performances at Level 1.

Year 9 and Māori pūrākau 

Year 9 was divided into their respective Houses: Girton, Solway, Iona, and Braemar, and performed in the CFT for the Junior School (always the very best audience in town). Girton performed Rona and the Moon; Solway performed Maui and the Five Fingers of Fire; Iona performed The Great Fish of Maui; and Braemar performed The Battle of the Mountains. Students researched, scripted, devised, blocked, and performed all the roles, also working as the sound and lighting technicians for one another's Houses. Ka pai te mahi!

Year 10 and 'The Frogs' 

A fantastic set of shows from Year 10 (5) complete with a singalong with Kermit the Frog (who knew he and Aristophanes went right back), and corpse cameos by Mr John Hayden and Mr Jamie Mundy. We are also looking forward to the Theatrefest regional competition August 6-7 in Dunedin to compete against some of the best schools in the business. Go Jessica Mundy and the ensemble. εὖγε!

Year 10 and 'Medea' 

If there was ever a truism "Those whom the gods wish to destroy they first make mad" then Year 10 (6) rose to the challenge to perform an outstanding matinee performance with seven students absent. Yes, seven students comprise a netball team, yet the cast and crew played multiple parts, and ran the lighting and sound like seasoned professionals. Oh, and they did not go mad. νίκη!

Level 1 Drama

Please enjoy Grace Hill singing Hine E Hine as part of the Level 1 Drama Internal for Bruce Mason's The Pohutukawa Tree. The Internal requires students to study and research the play and Aotearoa New Zealand in the 1950s, as well as perform scripted and devised pieces from Mason's seminal work, Pārekareka