Hero photograph
Zara, Olivia, Chloe, Scarlet, Isla, Bree, Kate, and Sadye enjoying a Mexican feast
Photo by Julie Elliotte

Mexican Night in the Hostel

Mrs J Elliotte —

Throughout the year we like to encourage the girls to try different foods and celebrate a variety of cultures. We kicked this off with Mexican!

We have had preparations for our Mexican night in the pipeline for the past few weeks. Some of the girls have been working away at piñatas, our fabulous caterers have been dreaming up the menu, and our team were planning the evening.

The girls arrived dressed up in Mexican themed outfits.  With sombreros everywhere (who doesn't look good in a sombrero?!), the night kicked off with dinner - a feast of enchiladas, tacos, rice, corn and salads. 

Year 13 boarders joining the Macarena. — Image by: Julie Elliotte

While we were indulging in a little ice cream (probably designed to cool our mouths from the spicy delights of our meals) a little impromptu macarena dance broke out. This was merely the teaser for the main event - the ever popular dance off!

The year 8 dance crew with Jade on top of the pyramid — Image by: Julie Elliotte
A year 10 group making the most of their time on the d-floor — Image by: Julie Elliotte

To really "calm" things down for the night, the girls (armed with broom handles) took to the pinatas. I'm afraid there's no photographic evidence of this, but the hilarity and hype following consumption of the winnings was proof enough of its success!

Thank you to the team in the kitchen for helping to make this happen and our little crew of helpers who decorated, but most of all, a big shout out to our boarders for making the night lots of fun!