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Elite Fitness Group
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Elite Fitness

Miss A Turner —

Every Tuesday and Thursday morning throughout the year, girls are welcome to attend Elite Fitness run by our Director of Sport Miss Turnbull (6.15am).

Elite fitness is a programme that offers students and sports teams across a number of different abilities and codes, an opportunity to really push themselves and test their abilities. In this program Miss Turnbull incorporates a variety of activities that are both challenging and most importantly fun. Group runs, circuit training, stair climbs, relay and team challenges, including organised trips like running up Mt Cargill. Elite fitness is a great way to prepare and maintain fitness levels across a sport season, as well as to maintain overall health and fitness. The girls that attend create an environment that is really encouraging and supportive. All the girls attending have similar attitudes around fitness, making it super easy to find the motivation to get up early. As both senior and junior students are invited to attend this group, it is a great way for the junior girls to meet and be involved with the older girls. Elite fitness is fantastic as it helps you achieve a lot and set you up for a good day before the day has even kicked off.

Ashlee Turner