Hero photograph
Photo by Mrs E Harris

First Chapel of 2023

Mrs E Harris —

We were treated to a special message from Mrs Duthie to start off the year!

Chapel prefects, Misses Sophia Hessian and Mabel Lee, organised and led the first College chapel service of 2023. As a special treat, Mrs Duthie delivered a message cautioning us to take care with 'the most dangerous thing in the world'. Year 11 student, Miss Kate Finnie, was courageous enough to come up onto the stage and extract the most dangerous thing in the world from the sack in which it was being held. Kate's response of "Ewwwww..." when she pulled a tongue (ox's) out of the sack was priceless. 

Head Prefect, Miss Hannah Coe, demonstrated superb acting skills, brandishing the sack with dramatic flair and heightening anticipation. Mr Chambers' cameo - in which he dashed onto the stage and insisted Kate wear appropriate safety equipment - added to the tension and further emphasised Mrs Duthie's point: that the way we use our tongues has the potential to either hurt or heal. We were asked to consider whether our words are used to criticise or praise, to destroy or unite, or to cause misery or bring comfort to others. It was certainly an inspiring way to start the year - with us each being asked to remember how easily we can impact others, and how even the smallest words can cause a ripple effect, whether for good or bad.