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Stationery Lists 2023

Administration —

2023 stationery lists for Junior School (Years 0-6), Middle School (Years 7-10) and Senior School (Years 11-13) are attached. 

We have streamlined our lists; please note the three points below:

  1. We encourage students to bring unused stationery from the previous year. There is no need to buy new pens etc. if you have the required items in good working order.
  2. We are not recommending a preferred supplier and encourage you to shop at your own convenience.
  3. Some classes use supporting texts and resources to complement teaching and learning (e.g. Education Perfect). We are able to buy these texts/access these resources in bulk and offer them to you at a reduced cost. The resource(s) will then be charged to your school account and will be issued to the student at the start of Term 1. If you would prefer to NOT purchase supporting texts/resources via the College, please click on the appropriate hyperlink and fill in the Google form. You will then need to find and purchase your own copy or, if you do not buy one at all, the student will be able to borrow one of a limited number of in-class copies. Unfortunately, these loaned in-class copies cannot be taken home or written on.