Hero photograph
Amaya Leslie and Amelia Chang accepting thier awards.
Photo by Ms S Dixon

Celebrate Secondary School Design Competition at Otago Polytech

Ms S Dixon —

Designing up a Storm!

This year's Secondary School Design competition was held at the Hub at Otago Polytech. There was a range of incredible design work form Dunedin schools, with a large selection from our very talented Columba girls. 

In the category of 'Communication Design' the awards were as follows;

Special Mention - Jorja Dinan Yr 12

Special Mention - Rachael Turner Yr 12

Highly Commended - Aidan Forbes Yr12

Highly Commended - Honor Gauld Yr 13 

Joint Overall Winner - Amaya Leslie Yr13

Joint Overall Winner - Amelia Chang Yr 13

Not only did Amaya Leslie and Amelia Chang jointly win the Communication Design category with a very talented Kings student, but they also won the overall Scholarship for Design at Otago Polytech. 

Congratulations, Girls!