Hero photograph
Photo by Ms K Riepl

National Council of Women's Breakfast, Dunedin

Ms K Riepl —

A number of our Year 12 and Year 13 students chose to attend the breakfast at 6.45am on Wednesday at Otago Polytechnic Hub

It was well worth the early start! We heard from five inspirational young women from a wide variety of jobs on the trajectory of their career paths from Year 13 choices through to their current positions. Of particular interest was a past Columba College head girl, Alice Marsh. After her Law degree, she made some strong decisions on what she wanted from a workplace and future career based on her early work experiences. This has taken her from corporate law through to co-founding The Social Experiment. Her message for young women is to follow what you are passionate about and to be confident with what you will not compromise on, even if it means taking risks.