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Matariki Middle School Socials

Administration —

Health and Safety Considerations.

Next week we are planning to host Matariki socials for our Middle School students.

We have considered the risks of doing so, given that students from other schools (JMC and OBHS) will attend and the potential of contracting Covid at such an event may be higher.  We have not only considered their physical health and safety but also their mental well-being and the social opportunities they have had so far this year.

We have attempted to mitigate risks by:

  • holding the event in a larger venue than usual and ensuring good ventilation
  • encouraging students to wear masks
  • providing good hand sanitation
  • encouraging students to test before attending
  • advising that students must not attend if they are unwell

This is an optional event and students do not need to attend if they feel uncomfortable about the protocols in place.