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Year 9 and 10 - Options for 2021

Administration —

Please follow the below instructions on how to access the student portal and make your subject choices for either Year 9 or 10 in 2021. Subject choices due by Tuesday, 3pm 15th of September 2020.

Please click here for the 2021 Course Handbook for Year 9 and 10.  After reviewing the handbook, follow the instructions below to select your subject choices for 2021 - 

  • Click here to go to the student portal
  • You will need your portal login and password to access the portal - if you do not have this please email Mr Saul Moore - smoore@columbacollege.school.nz
  • In the portal, click on Course Selection from the menu headings
  • Click to tick which options you would like to choose then click save when you have completed the selection (please note the numbers 1, 2, 3 do not indicate any order of preference, just that there are 3 options)
  • Please remember that subject choices need to be made by 3pm, Tuesday the 15th of September.