Hero photograph
Rolling the dough
Photo by Miss Chrystal Gardiner

Tangyuan tāngyuán 汤圆 Cooking Workshop

Ms I Ding —

Tangyuan tāngyuán 汤圆 are sweet rice balls with different sweet fillings. They are traditionally eaten during festivals, weddings, and at any special occasion, such as family reunions.

Year 11 and 12 Chinese students had a ‘Tangyuan cooking workshop’. Students used glutinous rice powder to hand make the Tangyuan skin. Then, one group students made peanut fillings by using peanut butter and grated peanuts. Another group made sesame fillings with black sesame and two packs of black sesame paste. They also made some more non-traditional and creative fillings with chocolate and lollies. They put the different fillings into the Tangyuan skin and rolled them into a ball. Then, boiled the Tangyuan ball in boiling water. What a fun and delicious treat to make!