Religious Studies

Dr Macleod —

Religious Studies classes are part of the Presbyterian Special Character of Columba College.

Pupils in the Junior School had Religious Studies for 30 minutes each week with their classroom teacher. The children enjoyed the written and oral activities in these classes, which are based around biblical themes.

Year 7 students started the year with an introduction to the books of the Bible before exploring the question ‘What is God like?’ A unit on the Psalms then provided opportunity for them to express their thoughts and emotions using these ancient poems as templates. Year 8 students investigated what the Bible says about our identity and purpose. They then learnt some of the key events in the life of Jesus, using the ‘Jesus’ movie as a base. This year, five of our Year 8 students won sections of the Presbyterian ‘Love Reaches Out’ national art competition.

Students in Year 9 covered some of the major stories of the Old Testament, with the opportunity to ask questions, discuss and reflect on what these stories might mean for us today. Year 10 students had Religious Studies twice a week as a nine-week module. In this unit, they covered some of the teachings of Jesus, including the Sermon on the Mount and a number of well-known parables. All students in the Middle School (Years 7-10) had opportunity to engage in service projects as well as a range of creative classroom activities.

Students in the Senior School had Religious Studies once a week as an eight-week module. Rev. A. Barlow covered key aspects of major world religions with the Year 11 students. Year 12 students had a history unit with Mr J. Chambers, in which they investigated different Christian responses to Modernity. Ethical frameworks and various ethical issues were debated by the Year 13 students with Dr J. Macleod.

Dr J. Macleod

HOD Religious Studies