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Our German Exchange partners
Photo by Miss Gardiner

German Exchange Students

Miss Gardiner —

At the start of March we welcomed Jana Kieseyer and Helena Heuermann.

They are German exchange partners of Jaime and Kate, who are spending March and April at Columba College, following on from Jaime and Kate’s time with their families in Cologne and Aachen respectively. 

 Both girls have settled in really well and are enjoying the experience of wearing school uniform and not having to think about what to wear each day. They did confess, however, that they prefer being able to wear “normal clothes” to school. 

Both students are enjoying the smaller classes at Columba, and the friendly relationship that exists between teachers and students here and the greater personal attention that that provides.  The Year 13 House is another feature they are enjoying. 

They are not missing having boys in their classes but do feel that the co-ed system in Germany offers better preparation for later life. Both say they are really enjoying the New Zealand lifestyle and are finding people in general friendlier and more relaxed than in Germany. 

 Proximity to the beach is another difference for them, as Germany has very little coastline and it takes them about 3 hours to reach it from their home towns. On the other hand, they enjoy being able to travel to other countries so easily from where they live. Both girls commented on how much they are enjoying their host families and have adjusted to the kiwi accent. 

 We wish Jana and Helena all the best for the rest of their time in New Zealand and for their return to school back home.