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Science Fair Prize Winners
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Mr Duckett —

It has been yet another busy, exciting, inspiring and uplifting year in the Science Department. With Mr A. Sparrow and Mr A. Everett joining the team and Mrs West leaving after 27 years, 2019 was always going to be a year of contrasts.

As one hugely experienced teacher leaves, others enter, and Mr Sparrow has brought his experience as a Science Communicator to bear in the Gifted and Talented Programme. Mr Everett slotted seamlessly into the Department, teaching Y7 and Y12. His unflappable approach was very much appreciated by his students. Again, Columba strikes it lucky with an amazing member of staff.

Along with Ms J. Hayden and her multiple areas of expertise, there was a huge range of science opportunities on offer – there can’t be many schools that offer taxidermy to students! This year the programme has gone from strength to strength with over 40 students being involved in experiments from the small to the potentially huge. This has included students attending Marine Science programmes, winning prizes at the Otago Science Fair and the arrival of the Columba College beehive. Hopefully the enthusiasm shown in 2019 will yield results in 2020 – watch this space for details of long-term collaborative projects out in the community.

There cannot be a report on the Science Department in 2019 without a mention of Mrs C. West. For over 25 years she has been the backbone, engine room and conscience of Braemar. To say that her wisdom, experience, wit and concern for students and staff alike will be missed is to underestimate the hole that she will leave. We wish her a very happy retirement and a chance to relax and enjoy a well-earned break from rushing around the school.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who works and learns in Braemar for the effort and dedication that they have shown over 2019, especially to our wonderful Technician Mrs R. Mackay. This year Mrs Mackay has stepped up to take on other responsibilities around the school, bringing her enthusiasm and attention to detail to all that she does. 

Mr B. Duckett

HOD Science