Ms Armstrong-Homan —

This year the Chemistry Department welcomed Mr Aaron Everett to the team following the promotion of Mr Joseph Chambers to the Head of Mathematics role.

The number of students choosing to study Chemistry was positive with 45 and 42 students in Level 2 and 3 Chemistry respectively, and Mrs Armstrong-Homan and Mr Everett each taught a Level 2 and 3 Chemistry class.

During 2019 the Level 2 and Level 3 Courses ran with fewer credits offered. This move was in response to a School-wide policy limiting the number of credits to be offered in a subject, and this initiative resulted in more time being given to teaching each standard. An alternative programme was also offered in both Level 2 and 3 Chemistry, where students were able to choose to study a research based internally assessed standard instead of one of the externally assessed standards. This option was chosen by a number of the students, and feedback from these students was positive.

During the year Mrs Barbara Duncan ran regular scholarship tutorials and a number of our Year 13 students attended the Dunedin Scholarship classes run by Dr Murray Thompson at Logan Park High School.

The results attained in the internally assessed standards during 2019 were very pleasing, and this high level of attainment looks likely to be reflected in the externally assessed standards, given the positive results in the school examinations. The results attained in previous years were impressive, with 100% of Level 2 students passing , and 97% of the Level 3 Chemistry cohort passing with 14 credits or more. Continuing this trend was a goal for 2019.

During the year obsolete apparatus and resources were disposed of, and the students were enthusiastic in assisting with the ‘filling of skips’ that were located on site for the final days of Term 2. The Chemistry Department has purchased two sets of Analytical Scales using funds from the Parent Association. These Scales are welcome additions in the laboratory and enable the students to make more accurate measurements.

Ms J. Armstrong-Homan

HOD Chemistry