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Winter STAC team members
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STAC Tournaments

Miss M Williams —

During the year, we take part in two sport exchanges with St Andrew’s College, Christchurch.

One at the start of the year, in March, that involves our summer sport teams, and one in May involving the winter sport teams. Summer STAC for 2019 involved Tennis, Touch and Volleyball, while Winter STAC involved Badminton, Basketball, Debating, Football, Hockey and Netball. All teams value both of these exchanges very much as they are a great preparation for our summer and winter tournaments by getting to play against teams of such a high standard.

These two exchanges can be seen as a highlight for many girls as they get to experience being billeted with a host family, or hosting girls from STAC. This year for Summer STAC, the girls travelled up to Christchurch and were allocated a host family who took care of them for the one night we were there. For Winter STAC, St Andrew’s travelled down to us and were given host families from Columba. This experience is always very memorable as the girls get the opportunity to meet new people and to make new friends who they can keep in contact with throughout their life. The generosity of the host families, both from St Andrew’s and Columba, is always noted as it is not an easy task taking in groups of girls with different dietary requirements. The students are very aware that without the hospitality of the host families these two exchanges would not happen, so we are all extremely grateful to them.

Results from the two STAC exchanges varies each year as the competition between St Andrew’s and Columba is very high. For Summer STAC, in Tennis St Andrew’s won the singles and the two schools drew in doubles overall. In Volleyball, Columba lost both games in two very close matches. In Touch, Columba won both of their games against the St Andrew’s girls’ team but lost to a fast and strong St Andrew’s boys’ team. Overall, St Andrew’s won the exchange in a close 2-1 finish.

Winter STAC was once again very competitively contended between the six teams. St Andrew’s came away with an overall 4-2 win by taking out Badminton, Basketball, Football and Hockey in very even matches. Columba were the winners of both Netball and Debating against two very slick St Andrew’s teams.

It is great to see two schools competing at such a high level, with amazing sportswomanship that continues to be commented on by staff and supporters. We are looking forward to continuing these great exchanges with St Andrew’s College into the new year, with continued fair play and excellence.

Madi Williams