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Sophia Scott
Photo by Mr J Scott

Spotlight on Year 10 Digital Media

Mr J Scott —

Year 10 Digital Media looks at developing the students creativity and flair in a variety of digital media. The first project was to write, design and produce a children's storybook. Over the next few weeks, we will spotlight each author and the final outcome.

About the author : Sophia Scott

I’ve always had a fascination for the sea, specifically sharks and cetaceans, and also an obsession with drawing. Ever since I learned how to hold a pen I’ve been drawing. So I’m happy that I’ve been given the opportunity to combine two of my passions. By merging my knowledge of the ocean and its creatures, and my love for drawing, I’ve created something that I’m proud of, and something that reflects myself in many ways.

Click here to read Sophia's children's story flip book.