Hero photograph
Swimming Squad
Photo by Kelk Photography


Miss G White —

Competitive swimming at Columba College invites students across all abilities in the water, from trying out events for fun at swim sports to competing for the school at National level.

Every year a high level group of competitive swimmers is found, with many of the girls from the swim squads here in Dunedin representing the school at Nationals. The group as a whole excel together with the stand out results coming from medals that are achieved at Nationals. The passion and drive that is needed to push through early morning wake-ups, gruelling training sessions and long days, help build the ability to not only push the limits within sport, but within school and other aspects of life as well. Columba College is a great environment to enhance these skills and learn from everyone else in the group. Even though competitive swimming is an individual sport, the team always travels and stay together at the big meets and have a great pride in representing the school.

Gabby White

Swimming Captain