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Annual Voluntary Contribution

Mrs P Duthie —

Thank you to all those families who contribute to the success of Columba by paying their AVC.

The AVC is a donation and the suggested amount is $125 per month, per child. The AVC is a donation, on which you may claim a tax rebate. While the school gets the full benefit of the $1,500 per annum, the actual cost to families is only $1,000 after claiming the rebate through the IRD (click here for more details). As a further aside, there is nothing to stop families paying more AVC if they wish and claiming a higher rebate.

The AVC allows flexibility in staffing and thus greater subject choices and smaller class sizes which benefit the students. It assists with sports administration and music tutors. It funds our Chaplain and special services and functions. It does not go towards building projects. For example our new boarding hostel will be financed from an entirely separate funding stream.

Columba looks forward to our community's continued support and commitment to our school by paying their AVC.