Hero photograph
Pūkana on the waka
Photo by Kathryn Riepl

The wonders of windy Wellington with Year 10 Camp 2

Mrs Riepl —

A whirlwind of a time in windy Wellington for camp group two.

A bright and early Monday morning saw our second group of Year 10 campers arrive in Wellington for their three-day stay. After a quick breakfast, we took a trip to Te Papa for a guided tour of the Gallipoli Exhibit and a general look around the museum. In the afternoon we found ourselves walking to Parliament for another guided tour. We saw the debate hall and learnt a bit more about Parliament in general.

Tuesday morning saw us out on the harbour, paddling a traditional Māori Waka. It was a fun and cultural experience for all of us, and we definitely learnt more about Māori customs and greetings. In the afternoon we walked halfway across Wellington to the circus school, where we learned acrobatics and skills involving the trapeze, aerial silks and hula hoops! In the evening we walked to the cinema to see the movie Anne Frank - Parallel Stories, which was very informative.

Our last day in Wellington was a very physical day. In the morning we went to the clip and climb, which was great fun. We went back to the circus school for another session after lunch, where we developed our recently learned skills on the different activities available. To end the day, we boarded the plane back to Dunedin.

The camp was very enjoyable and physically challenging due to all the activities and walking we did. A big thank you to Ms Riethmaier, Mrs Riepl and Ms Andrews for coming along and taking care of us during the camp. You helped organise everything and your effort made the camp amazing. This camp was really able to take place thanks to the teachers, so thank you.

By Hannah Cole and Charlene Chan