Ice Hockey

Mrs Bishop —

Columba students are very lucky to be able to play Ice Hockey with the Ice Queens. Four girls’ schools combine to make this team viable and it is managed by Joanna Bishop- Cherry at Queen’s.

Two Columba students, Megan Maslin and Maya Bromby, joined the team for 2019.

The schools’ competition is a mixed one. The Ice Queens played many all-boy teams over the season. This is an aggressive sport and the Ice Queens held their own winning many games. The team played-off in the last game of the season for 3rd/4th. They ended up fourth after five minutes of overtime in arguably the most exciting game of the season.

Megan and Maya were integral members of the team with Megan scoring two goals in her first ever game of ice hockey.

While not playing for the Ice Queens, Year 13 student Hannah Cross was selected for the New Zealand Senior Women’s Ice Hockey team - The Ice Fernz. She went with the New Zealand team to Brasov in Romania for the World Championships. A wonderful achievement.

Mrs S Bishop

TIC Ice Hockey