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Spotlight on Year 10 Digital Media

Mr J Scott —

Year 10 Digital Media looks at developing the students creativity and flair in a variety of digital media. The first project was to write, design and produce a children's storybook. Over the next few weeks, we will spotlight each author and the final outcome.

About the author : Thandie Chiruka

Throughout my childhood, from the day I learned to write, I had a dream to become a famous author. I'd write stories about anything and everything, sometimes I even stumble across some of the books I wrote when I was 6. All I needed was paper from the printer, a pencil & rubber, a stapler and I'd be able to write a book (I never finished them though). As I got older, my dreams changed and I no longer wanted to become a famous author, but to be able to write/illustrate and finish my own book was like living the dream my younger self always wanted.

Click here to read Thandie's children's story flip book.