Hero photograph
The HHW team taking samples from the stormwater outflow in MacAndrew Bay
Photo by Mr B Duckett

Healthy Harbour Watchers

Mr Duckett —

The 2019 team of Healthy Harbour Watchers proudly took up the mantle of previous years and contributed greatly to monitoring the water quality of the Otago Harbour.

Once a month for the whole year, the team of Abby Bowmar, Isobel Fraser, Hannah Clarke, Joanna Liu and Lara Seaton met at the Mellor Laboratories on a Saturday morning, before heading out to the sampling site at MacAndrew Bay. Once the water samples are collected, the team heads back to perform physical, chemical and microbiological analysis of the water with the results being added to the data collected each month for the last 15 years. This year’s ‘Watchers’ made the most of the opportunities presented, ranging from trying to teach Mr Duckett how to use the cruise control on his ‘new’ car, to developing an experiment to answer the age-old question of whether milk is translucent or opaque using the University’s turbidity meter. Dr Vickers and Mr Innes, who coordinate the HHW programme pass on their thanks and admiration for another group of Columba Students who have been a credit to the school.

Mr B. Duckett

HOD Science