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Ski Camp
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2019 Ski Camps

Ms Riethmaier —

This year the International Group of 28 students set off on Friday 2 August for their annual Ski Weekend at Coronet Peak, accompanied by Mr Murray, Ms Riethmaier and Mr Williams. We had initially been anxious about the poor snow but were rewarded with a cold snap that left the mountain well blanketed. They ended up with a bonus day when snow closed the Milton – Rae’s Junction road on Monday morning. 

The Year 9s, 70 girls in total, including our exchange student from PLC Armidale, Isabelle Leitch, travelled up on Tuesday 6 August on the buses, which then brought back the international students. As usual, we stayed in the Gobblers, Vincent and Otago Ski Club Huts, which meant just a five- minute walk to the slopes each morning. 

With excellent snow conditions and weather, the girls all made impressive progress, mostly on skis but with a few opting for snowboarding. This was our twenty-sixth Year 9 Ski Camp and the first where we had no visits to the medical centre, although there were the inevitable falls and bruises.

This was a delightful group of girls and we were all impressed at the efforts they made to support and help each other, especially in the cramped accommodation. 

Special thanks go to the parents who volunteered to help at the camp: Mrs Ung, Mrs Macdougall, Mr Sutton, Mr Kotcamp and Mr Inch, and former parents, Mr and Mrs Baddock, who kept a good eye on the girls and videoed their progress for a later showing. Thank-you also to the other teachers, who helped: Mrs Murdoch, Ms Bowden, Miss Wilson, Mr Willliams and Mr Chambers.