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40 Hour Famine 2022
Photo by World Vision

40 Hour Famine

Miss Laura Sammut —

During the Covid pandemic, many support services have been delayed or not able to reach those in need. So some of the progress of previous years has taken a step backwards.

World Vision's 2022 focus is making clean fresh water available to everyone worldwide. Prisca is a 9-year-old girl from Malawi with big dreams. Every day she has to walk a long distance to collect water from a dirty stream, which causes everyone in her village to get sick. 

As a school, we want to work together to support those in need by raising $5000. We have a team of five Year 12s as 40-Hour Famine Leaders: Grace Darling, Neve Graamans, Yasmin Khan, Ashley Miller, and Laura Sammut. They are supported by our Year 8 Junior Leaders: Grace Beadle, Mae Daggar, Jasmine Potter, and Jessie Roff. 

If you are interested in signing up, please go to the World Vision website and follow the attached instructions. Alternatively, you can donate directly to the Columba page. Feel free to email any of the leaders or Dr Macleod if you have any questions.

Instructions for signing up to the 40 Hour Famine — Image by: World Vision