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Attitude Presentations Next Week

Ms J Lach —

Our annual Attitude Presentations give students time to think about navigating life's big issues.

Year 7-13 students will be attending Attitude presentations next week on Wednesday, March 1st. Attitude is New Zealand’s largest external health education provider and is dedicated to building resilient young people and reinforcing the positive messages they already hear from their parents, teachers, and community. They are a national organisation and have delivered presentations in more than 400 New Zealand high schools and intermediates annually.

We provide these presentations annually to supplement our Health curriculum and the aim is that the messages provided may help to enhance an aspect of student wellbeing at Columba College.

The topics discussed are developed at age-appropriate levels and include the following:

Year 7/8 – Friendship Factor - Social skills, bullying, and how to be a good friend

Year 9 – Hauora - Holistic wellbeing

Year 10 – Drugs, alcohol, and peer pressure

Year 11 – Mental health

Year 12/13 – Choices, resilience, and self-esteem

For more information about the Attitude presentations, please visit their website or email me at jessicalach@columbacollege.school.nz