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Swimming sports

Columba College Swimming Sports Friday 4th June 2021

Mrs G Beardmore —

Our annual Columba College Swimming Sports is scheduled for Friday 4th June 2021, at Moana Pool. This is a fun event for all students in our Middle and Senior schools (Year 7 - 13).


All girls are required to report to Moana Pool by 8.45am, where a role will be taken in the main foyer of Moana. 

The swimming sports are scheduled to start at 9.00am and are expected to finish by approximately 12.00pm. Students are to return to school at the conclusion of the swimming sports for their lunch break and afternoon classes.


Parents are asked to please make arrangements to transport their daughters to Moana Pool by 8.45am. Buses will be arranged to take all the boarders to Moana Pool. Students will then be released to walk back to school at the conclusion of events.


Students are required to wear their regulation Columba College tracksuit (jacket and pants) to and from Moana Pool. They will also need:

  • Navy blue sports/P.E top
  • Columba College rugby jersey, hoodie or merino
  • White or navy ankle socks
  • Gym shoes

These garments can be worn under the regulation school tracksuit or carried to Moana Pool in their sports bags.

Please note - non Columba uniform items are not permitted to be worn.

We hope for an enjoyable day of swimming and friendly competition. Please remember that this event is for ALL students of the Middle and Senior Schools - competitive swimmers or otherwise. There will be both fun carnival type events and competitive races to cater for students of all abilities. 

See you there - Friday 4th June!