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Photo by Dayna Turnbull


Miss D Turnbull —

The Sports Council has designed new sports hoodies which are available for all Columba College students from years 0-13. These are really good quality, designed for use in all weather conditions and marked with your own personal initials.

It is important to note our first order will be placed next Friday as these will take 6-8 weeks to arrive; therefore, if you would like your hoodie to arrive in Term 3 you will need to have the form filled in by 5pm on Friday 15th July. We understand this is a quick turnaround; however, some of our travelling teams are hoping to have them in time for Winter Tournament Week in Week 7. 

It is vital that students gain parental permission before ordering a sport hoodie as this will be charged to their school account.


Sizes: Come try one on at the school office during the first week of the school holidays to ensure you are ordering the right size. Alternatively, check out the attached size charts to get your order in by Friday, 15th July.

Following this first order, we will endeavour to make one at the end of each month from August, with a 6-8 week turnover time. Please note - we can only place an order if we have at least 10 minimum requests, so these timelines could be pushed out depending on numbers.