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Photo by Emma Harris

GRACE card draw winners

Mrs E Harris —

Each term, one student from each House will win a box of chocolates and a special mention in the newsletter

Orange GRACE cards are worth 10 House points and are awarded to students who demonstrate good discipline, respect, aroha, citizenship and excellence in their attitude and application in class and around the College campus. 

Each term, we add up the House Points and draw one student's name from each House.

This term's winners are:

  • Braemar - Shelby Downs for being consistently "helpful, courteous and considerate"
  • Girton - Caitlin Urhle for a "positive and happy integration to Columba"
  • Iona - Jendi Minty for "Awesome Rowing and keeping up with school work"
  • Solway - Tamai Riwhi for "rising to the challenge of debating with grace"

Congratulations to our Term 2 winners! It's wonderful to see our College values in action!!