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We are all in our own little bubble
Photo by Miss Eden Walker

What the Junior School have been doing during lockdown

Junior School Staff —

Lockdown poems from some of our talented Junior School writers

Draws open loudly

My parents clicking on the keyboard

The mouse clicks repeatedly

My sister scratching on paper

Parents chatting on work calls

Footsteps slap on the kitchen floor

While the jug bubbles and pops

"Click" mum's tea is ready!!

By Lara Lowe, Year 5

Lockdown is boring, who on earth likes it?!

On the couch we sat down and worked.

Cooking is fun but PLEASE don't be crazy!

Knowing what lockdown is will fear us and worse.

Dragon math and Action English, can't do that at home.

On our way to...well nowhere really!

When is this gonna stop!?

Now and then there are bad times, but this is even worse!

By Eden Walker, Year 5

The Darkness

The darkness engulfs the land as it reminds creatures, in a low and dark voice that no one is stronger than it

Tree branches whine pitifully in the breeze

The sleeping mountains cover themselves slowly in a warm soft blanket of snow before resting for the night

Leaves cackle and chatter everywhere

The full moon yawns sleepily after being awoken by the sun, slowly pushing it into the sky

Rocks and stones clunk together in a chorus

The tide quickly polishes the beach from human footsteps,

before sweeping, elegantly back to the risen ocean

By Anna Riley, Year 6