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Don't the Merveilleux look Marvelous!
Photo by Miss Chrystal Gardiner

Year 8 'Nailed It' project in French class

Miss C Gardiner —

The year 8s in the second rotation were lucky to have the lovely Mrs Shea as their student teacher. They told her their interests related to the language and she designed a fun unit for all. One part that is continuing without her is the class 'Nailed It' competition.

We watched an episode of 'Nailed It: France' in class with her as our final activity. This inspired us to do our own version. Now, every week, students bring in some home baking of French origin. Students get to decide whether the chef 'nailed it' (Réussi!) based on looks and taste. See our photos of the students' creations. Did they Nail It (Réussi!) in your opinion?