Physical Education

Mrs Sinclair —

This year, Year 7 and 8 Physical Education was taught by Ms K. Hope and Mrs A. Wafer, with Mrs A. Bishop being on maternity leave.

The focus for these students was to improve their interpersonal and movement skills and to encourage them to all participate actively. The two Year 7 classes were timetabled at the same time first thing on a Monday morning, which helped the girls to get to know each other and it gave them some time to work with students who may not normally be in their class. Year 8 students continued to show a good level of skill and participation.

At Year 9 and 10 level, Ms. K. Hope and Mrs C. Sinclair taught the students. The main goals for these year groups were to increase active participation, improve motor skills and improve interpersonal skills. These goals were the focus at each year level and throughout each unit the students took part in. It is pleasing to be able to say that there was significant improvements in interpersonal skills, some of this was around awareness of others and communication, and also an improvement in movement skills. Highlights were: the Year 9 dance performances and the Year 10 Sports Education unit on Basketball.

Level 1 Physical Education was one class of 25 students. In Term One, the students trained three times per week (alongside their theory lessons) in preparation for the class duathlon at the end of the Term. The class performed extremely well with all students completing the duathlon and many in very quick times. The course involved the students completing five internal assessments ranging from anatomy and biomechanics to societal influences.

Level 2 Physical Education was one class of 25 students also. Students completed six internal assessments for the course – including a practical standard which involved a run around the Ross Creek Reservoir and then Turbo Touch. They completed standards involving exercise physiology, training systems and social issues in sport.

Level 3 Physical Education was one class of 18 students. This was a very lively and interactive class. They completed five standards including a practical standard where the options were a duathlon or volleyball. They trained diligently for the duathlon and it was great to see so many of them performing well on the day. Topics covered in class were the Rugby World Cup, biomechanics of an overhead shot in badminton, developing and reviewing a training programme and reviewing their personal involvement in physical activity.

Physical Education has continued to be a popular choice for students in the senior school and our juniors thoroughly enjoy the chance to be active with their friends.

Mrs C. Sinclair

HOD Physical Education