Hero photograph
Navi, Taffy and the Stars
Photo by Nanni Ge

Spotlight on Year 10 Digital Media

Mr J Scott —

Year 10 Digital Media looks at developing the students creativity and flair in a variety of digital media. The first project was to write, design and produce a children's storybook. Over the next few weeks, we will spotlight each author and the final outcome.

About the author

Nanni Ge is your typical creative hobbyist, she dabbles in almost all mediums of art from pixel sprites to watercolour painting! When she isn't scouring her brain for cool visual creations, however, she can be found scouring her brain for cool poem ideas. Navi, Taffy and the Stars was inspired by everything that sparked the creativity that defined her childhood - every Pixar film, every Ghibli movie and every picture book in between. Special thanks to anyone who's ever supported my little projects.

Click here to read Nanni's children's story flip book.