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Photo by Patricia Hopcroft

Call goes out for new Rugby Referees

Miss P Hopcroft —

On Monday 31st May Columba Rugby hosted Otago Rugby referee education officer Tumua Ioane.

Due to the shortage of rugby referees at club level the call went out earlier last month for parents, coaches and players to pick up a whistle. Columba was eager to do their part to help and therefore hosted Tumua Ioane who came and ran a referee course for a group of Columba rugby players and coaches.

It was a win/win situation. Columba rugby teams gained further insight into rugby and the rules, becoming more educated in the game while also gaining skills and confidence which now allows them to pick up a whistle and referee.  

A lot of the feedback from Columba rugby players who attended the referee course has been really positive, with participants saying they now have more understanding of the game and more respect and gratitude for those who referee.

If you are a parent or student who is interested in being involved with rugby, helping your community through refereeing, please get in touch with Tumua.


It’s great to see rugby helping rugby.