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Photo by Jessica Lach

Weekly Wellbeing: Ka pai to all of us

Ms J Lach —

Supporting our community's wellbeing by staying home.

One of the things that really helps our wellbeing is caring for and looking after others. While this lockdown has undoubtedly caused a rift in our normal schedules and has challenged our own resilience in many ways, we have all been incredibly successful in taking care of one another. The phrase ‘stay home, save lives’ is not an understatement. By staying home, social distancing while out, wearing our masks and keeping to our bubbles, we have done our best to ensure our community is safe.

If you think about it, you have helped your entire country with its wellbeing. By staying home and changing our lives momentarily, we have prevented illness, freed up medical staff for those in critical need, freed up space in hospitals and assisted the Covid response team in isolating the virus. That’s quite an incredible achievement!

So be sure to give yourself an enormous pat on the back for supporting our nation’s wellbeing.