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Fantasy Premier League

Columba College Fantasy Football League

Mr J Hayden —

Now in its third season, the Columba College Community 2022/23 Fantasy Football League is just around the corner, and fans of the greatest football league on earth – England’s Premier League – now have even more reason to be excited for the August 6th kick-off.

Can you topple our reigning champion, IT guru Mr. Saul Moore? Do you have the pedigree to foot it with Hannah ‘The Overachiever’ Coe (Year 12)? Or, do you fantasise about leaving Mr. Tagg (AKA The Cellar-Dweller) in the dust yet again? If the answer to these ponderances is a resounding ‘Yes’, then climb aboard, and join the fun. In 2022, the competition is not only open to staff and students, but also to the entire Columba College community; so, if you’ve ever harboured dreams of ‘doing a Leicester’ and pulling off the most improbable of wins, then now is your chance!

This coming season will see some major improvements made to our college competition, with sensational prizes* and copious amounts of glory** on offer every week for all participants - not just for those at the summit. Plus, prizes for best team names!

Signing up is easy, follow this link to our competition and organise your team before the season commences on August 6th

If you're a little unsure about how to set up your team, click here for a five minute how-to guide.

If questions still remain, please feel free to contact either perennial Top-Four finisher Mr. Hayden or Mr. (‘what’s the view like from up there, guys?’) Tagg.

The CC Fantasy Premier League is a fun way to follow arguably the best sports competition in the world and to enjoy some banter and fun with your schoolmates and teachers too. The competition is open to everyone involved in the wider Columba College community.

Sign up and get involved!

* prizes may not be sensational, or even exist...

** glory is a subjective/relative concept