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Stop Motion - Sarina and Ashiya
Video by Jane Pollard

Year 3 Stop Motion (at school and during lockdown!)

Mrs J Pollard —

The year 3 students worked in pairs to create their own play dough stop motion blockbuster over the last few weeks.

We were in the process of selecting our theme music when we went into Level 4 lockdown. I have selected music for a handful of groups who were unable to complete this and I have also added in a Title for them. This would have been completed in class if circumstances were different.

I was really proud of how everyone worked in their groups and they have produced some very creative pieces.

Here is a selection of the students amazing work.

On Tuesday I set the Year 3 class with a "Lockdown stop motion challenge". Well done to those who have shared these with Mrs Hogg and myself.  You have done a great job!