Hero photograph
The year 9's threw an impressive banquet!
Photo by Miss Chrystal Gardiner

Bastille day celebrations

Miss C Gardiner —

French classes celebrated Bastille day a little late this year but in full force!

Bastille day is celebrated as the national holiday in France on the 14th July (which was during the holidays). Students learning French celebrated it this year by learning a little of the history of its origins: the storming of the Bastille prison by hungry Parisians. We celebrated like real French people by decorating the classroom with Cocades (revolutionary rosettes), watching a live firework display and eating a feast of French food. Miss Gardiner also showed the classes how to make cheese Raclette (a dinner party favourite). 

A big thank you to all students that helped out with open day! You all made Miss Gardiner very proud to teach you!