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Virtual program proving to be a success with students
Photo by Miss Turnbull

Sports Council 2018

Miss Turnbull —

The Sports Council AGM was held on 19 February with the key executive roles being filled: Pete Turner as Chairman, Fiona Smith as Secretary and Dougal McGowan as Treasurer.

Following the meeting, Dayna Turnbull gave members the opportunity to review the interactive Sports Board. This was fully funded by the Council and is a first for a school in New Zealand. It is being well used by the students and is a great piece technology that will further aid the students in their sporting activities. We welcome you to encourage your girls to use this technology and view it yourself.

The Council has a charter that has been ratified by the school, and has many initiatives planned. They will again host the annual Golf Tournament in early Spring. Please keep an eye out for this date as it is the key fundraiser for the Council to support all sport. The Council has also set up a cattle scheme. Anyone can invest in a cattle beast with the proceeds going to the Sports Council, and we already have generous support for this. For more information please contact the school office or Pete Turner.  The Council will be selling Beanies this year along with the Columba Blankets. The Beanies will be a great accessory for the winter for players and supporters.  Sports Scholarships are presented to athletes who have achieved national representative teams, and we look forward to presenting more this year. 

The Council acknowledges Kerri Young, Barbara Neville, Peter Deans and Kate Swale for many years of Sports Council support. The Council is always looking for new members to help grow sport at the College and encourages you to get involved. A number of our meetings are held via conference call with one meeting a term - please contact the school office or any Sports Council member for more information.