Attendance - Junior School


You are expected to attend all sessions when school is open, except in cases of illness or for other special reasons where the leave has been approved by the Principal, or for an authorised appointment.

Parents of day students (Years 0 to 13) are requested to notify the School Office by school app, telephone or email: by 9.00am on the day concerned of the student’s absence/late arrival to school, etc. 

The Ministry of Education does not approve of student absence for family holidays and overseas travel and any such absence is registered as “G” (Holiday during term time: “When a student is on a New Zealand or overseas holiday during the school term the absence is unjustified. A parents’ note does not provide justification.”)


Appointments should not be made in school time, except in an emergency. Only urgent appointments may be attended in school time.

School term dates are printed in the school calendar. You will not be allowed to depart from these dates except in circumstances considered exceptional by the Principal. 


For unexpected lateness to school, report to the office before going to class.

If you arrive in class after the second bell at 8.40am has rung you are late. This is recorded and consistent lateness will be followed up.

All classes must start promptly on the second bell. This means that you have your books ready by the first bell and start moving to classrooms so that classes can start on the second bell.


Only one private lesson a week in Speech and Drama or Music with a private tutor engaged by the College may be attended in school time, from Year 4 - 10. 

Any "catch-up" or extra Speech and Drama/Music lessons are not to be held in school time. You are required to catch up on the work that was covered in the school period missed, to find out the homework set and to do it.


You will not be permitted to attend private lessons or tutorials off the premises in school time (8.40am - 3.15pm).