Miss Eason handing out personalised invitations by Mrs C Nicol

New Entrant School Visits and Information

To help make the transition from pre-school a happy one we like to invite students to visit the Year 1 class on four occasions before their birthday. You will be advised of dates according to when your child will start school.

VISIT 1:   8.30 – 9.30am 

VISIT 2:   8.30 – 10.30am 

VISIT 3:   8.30 – 12.35pm  (morning tea required)

VISIT 4:   8.30 – 1.35pm  (morning tea and lunch required)

For the visits students do not need to wear the uniform but if you have already purchased it they are welcome to wear it.

Parents and students come to the school office to meet Miss Eason, she will then take the student to the NE classroom. If you would like to stay for the first visit you are welcome.

The following documents and information is required prior to starting school:

  • Vision and Hearing consent form - attached below
  • Student Information Form (please click on this link) - In an emergency, the school will attempt to contact the Primary Caregiver in the first instance. Should no contact be established then an attempt to contact the Secondary Caregiver will be made. Should this also be fruitless an attempt to contact the Emergency Contacts will be made. The Emergency contact person MUST NOT BE the Primary or Secondary Caregiver. Please supply the details of one or two people the school can contact in the event of an emergency if neither the primary or secondary caregiver is available.