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Columba College Newsletter - Friday 8 July 2022


Year 12 students

Year 12 & 13 Senior Formal

by Mrs L Piebenga

Our senior students and their partners enjoyed a fun and vibrant Senior Formal last weekend at the Otago Business School.

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Year 9 drama

The Shows Went On!

by Ms Bercinskas

Despite a confluence of events and conditions the shows went on including 17 individualised performances at Level 1.

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Cantus Columbus

Choir Success at Regional Competition

by Miss Elloise Cameron

Columba College’s Senior Choir, ‘Cantus Columba’, recently competed in the Big Sing competition on 13th June, and have been selected to go to Cadenza in Tīmaru on 12th and 13th August.

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Host Family Urgently Required for 4 days

by Administration

We are urgently looking for accommodation for a 14 year old Thai student from 20th - 24th July 2022, before they move into the boarding house on the 24th July.

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2022 Arts Competition

by Miss S Mills

The Arts Committee is excited to announce the upcoming 2022 Arts Competition

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Year 13 Geographers explore tourism development in Queenstown

by Mrs L Piebenga

Our annual Year 13 Geography field trip to Queenstown in March was postponed to the end of June as a result of Covid. We were all very excited to be able to eventually get this in during Week 8 of term.

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Year 9 Drama and selected Junior School students applauding their audience.

Year 9 Drama performance

by Mrs J Pollard

The Junior School were very impressed by the Year 9 Drama Maori Myth and Legend performances on Thursday.

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by Miss D Turnbull

The Sports Council has designed new sports hoodies which are available for all Columba College students from years 0-13. These are really good quality, designed for use in all weather conditions and marked with your own personal initials.

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GRACE card draw winners

by Mrs E Harris

Each term, one student from each House will win a box of chocolates and a special mention in the newsletter

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Navi, Taffy and the Stars

Spotlight on Year 10 Digital Media

by Mr J Scott

Year 10 Digital Media looks at developing the students creativity and flair in a variety of digital media. The first project was to write, design and produce a children's storybook. Over the next few weeks, we will spotlight each author and the final outcome.

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Egyptian Priest Mummifies Pharaoh

Mummification Education

by Ms J Lach

Year 8 Social Studies students learn about the Ancient Egyptian process of mummification.

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Don't the Merveilleux look Marvelous!

Year 8 'Nailed It' project in French class

by Miss C Gardiner

The year 8s in the second rotation were lucky to have the lovely Mrs Shea as their student teacher. They told her their interests related to the language and she designed a fun unit for all. One part that is continuing without her is the class 'Nailed It' competition.

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Prefects take on their Peers

by Mrs G Beardmore

On Wednesday this week, the Columba College Prefects took on their Kings counterparts in a closely matched game of netball in the Marsh Sports Centre. An annual event that always brings high energy, much banter and immense enjoyment, the game was played with great spirit and sportsmanship.

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Still Alice

Vox Populi

by Mr J Hayden

Welcome to the final Vox Populi for a busy Term Two! This week, we invite Mabel Lee (Year 12) to delicately guide us through the unforgettable 'Still Alice'.

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The Columba prefects team with John McGlashan team

SADD Prefect Netball

by Miss C Gardiner

Our SADD (Students Against Dangerous Driving) group proudly ran the inter-school prefect netball game during lunchtime on Wednesday, 6th July.

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Has your teen had their yearly dental check-up?

by Administration

Has it been longer than 12 months since your teen had their last dental check-up?

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Year 12 Physics students: left to right Louisa Kotkamp, Emilie Nicholson, Kayla Millar and Brenna Lyons examining the seismic trace

Columba's Seismometer

by Ms C Hillier

Our trusty old seismometer has had a few scrapes over the years.

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I Have a Dream Poems - Year 6

by Mrs K Lodge

The Year 6 class have been reading 'The Cay' by Theodore Taylor as their novel study this term.

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Video: Aria Hynes and Stella Hawken with their Scratch Coding.

Game Design in Digital Technology

by Mrs J Pollard

The Junior school students have been focusing on coding this term and are working on designing games on Scratch.

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