2021 began with the appointment of Mr Everett as Head of Chemistry, replacing Mrs Armstrong-Homan, who had moved into the role of Head of Middle School. There was an encouraging number of students  studying Chemistry, 52 in Level 2 and 28 in Level 3. Mr Everett and Mrs Armstrong-Homan each taught a Level 2 and 3 Chemistry class.

Midway through Term 3, we moved to an online platform for teaching and learning due to an outbreak of COVID. The adaptability and resilience demonstrated by students was impressive, with almost 100% attendance at each class. Teachers made the class notes available online, to help students learn from home. The teachers also showed some creativity by turning lounges into teaching spaces and using mobile whiteboards.

During the year, a number of students decided to sit the Chemistry Scholarship examination. To accommodate the need for additional learning, Scholarship tutorials were held at school, as well as across Dunedin. Year 12 students were also encouraged to participate in these tutorials, in preparation for the Scholarship examination next year.

The results in the internally-assessed NCEA standards during 2021 were very pleasing. This high level of attainment looks likely to be reflected in the externally-assessed standards, given the positive results in the school examinations. The results attained in the previous year were impressive, with almost 100% of Level 2 students passing and almost 100% of Level 3 students gaining 14 credits or more.

Mr Aaron Everett

Head of Chemistry