by Emily Prout

Environment Prefect 2021

Emily Prout

This year I have had the pleasure of being the Columba College Environment Prefect. It has been a privilege to be a part of the prefect team in this fun and busy role.

My main task has been supporting the school's Enviro Club, which has had many projects on the go throughout the year. The Enviro Club meets weekly, during lunchtime, to discuss plans and the appropriate action to take, on our many proposals.

With the recent demolition on school grounds to make way for the new boarding house, we have had to relocate the vegetable beds. We established, and are maintaining, our new beds, in their new position, behind Bishopscourt. It is exciting to see them flourishing with the start of spring.

The Enviro Club has worked to provide recycling facilities around the school by having recycling bins installed inside and outside the classroom blocks. We promote positive recycling and waste education, by rewarding students who make environmentally conscious lunch choices, and by teaching the intermediate school how to empty and sort recycling.

Some of the Club's senior members attended citywide gatherings where Enviro School Leaders, from around Dunedin, were able to connect and share common struggles and triumphs.

It has been amazing to be a part of the Enviro Club and involved in the wider environmental movement in Dunedin. Thank you so much to Ms Lach for all your support and drive. You have helped us to be productive in all our endeavours. It has been awesome to have a teacher passionate about our club and our work.

I am very thankful for the opportunity to be this year's Environment Prefect. The privileges associated with the leadership role have allowed me to broaden my understanding of environmental issues, use my initiative around the school, and engage with a wide range of Columba students. I look forward to hearing how the Enviro Club progresses in the years to come.

Emily Prout