Wellbeing Prefect 2021

Millie George

Hello! My name is Millie George and I was the Wellbeing Prefect for 2021. Upon receiving the offer of this position, I was both excited at the opportunity, but also slightly nervous about what it would entail.

Under the guidance of Ms Lach, I soon realised how passionate I was about Student Wellbeing. And although the Wellbeing Week that was scheduled for the end of the year was unable to go ahead, due to COVID, I was still able to immerse myself in the role in other ways.

Alongside Ms Lach, I wrote a variety of wellness articles for the school newsletter. These articles ranged from dealing with emotional flux due to the changing seasons, to learning the importance of self-care. I really appreciated being able to talk about some of the issues that teenagers face, that aren’t always spoken about.

This year, Columba College began providing free sanitary products to school students. In a school where menstruation affects almost every student, I was over the moon when these products were made available in every bathroom. I believe that having sanitary items in the bathrooms helps to reduce the stigma around menstruation. During the year I helped to refill the products every week, to ensure they were readily available to students who needed them, a job I was very happy to do.

This year, the Wellbeing Board overtook the Girton corridors with messages of loving oneself, treating others with respect, showing gratitude and finding what really makes you happy. My focus was on self-care and how showing love and kindness to others helps to improve our own mental wellbeing. Being grateful for the people we have around us and truly appreciating the positive impact they have on our lives is an important step in reaching happiness.

All in all, although the role of Wellbeing Prefect seemed daunting in the beginning, it ended up being one of the most incredible opportunities I have ever been given. For that, I am truly grateful.