Head Prefect 2021

My name is Rosie Auchinvole and I was the Head Prefect of Columba College for 2021.

The role requirements for Head Prefect are very varied, from welcoming potential students and families on open day, to organising fundraising events.

One of my main roles this year was to liaise between teachers and students, in order to run school events. COVID, and its associated lockdowns, had a large impact on the way events could be run, so I found myself having to change and adapt.

This year, with the help of the two Deputy Head Prefects, I ran a fundraiser for the Free Wheelchair Mission, a foundation that builds and donates wheelchairs to developing countries. Through various events in terms two and three, we raised over $2600.00 which equated to 39 wheelchairs. We exceeded our goal of 25, and I am proud of the hard work put in by the school.

As Head Prefect, I embodied the school's values and proudly represented the school. Although this may sound like I had to be perfect all the time, in actuality it simply meant that I offered help whenever I could, was caring and considerate, and listened to the opinions of others. When I made decisions on behalf of the school or year group, I tried to get as many opinions as possible, keeping in mind that, although I could never please everyone, hopefully I could please the majority. And, although I was always busy with many jobs to do, I only had to ask to receive help and support from the whole prefect team. Tasks were regularly delegated to others, who were often better suited to the job.