Arts Prefect 2021

Rita Close

It has been my experience that the role of Arts Prefect is hugely varied and vast. It is to be at the beck and call of anyone who falls under the wide umbrella of the arts, and assist them in bringing their ideas, dreams, and tasks to fruition. From the stress of speed-cooking sausages for fundraising at Athletics Day, to scrubbing black ink off my fingertips after stapling up the new 'Notice the Arts' board (twice, it wasn't centred the first time), to helping organise and stage manage a wonderful high school musical production, to aiding in establishing an inter-school art exhibition at Otago Polytechnic, to co-editing Columba's very first literary and arts journal 'Song of Wings'. It has been an honour and a privilege, not to mention a lot of fun.

My favourite part of the role has been being able to witness my peers grow and flourish in their artistic endeavours. It is incredibly humbling to be around so many talented young people who support and inspire each other so readily.

It would be remiss of me not to mention those who have helped me along the way: Mrs Harris, Mrs Casbolt, Mrs Dixon, Ms Andrews, Ms Bercinskas and of course my artistic ally, Charlotte Werner. Thank you for all of your support and encouragement. I only hope the next Arts Prefects enjoy the role as much as I have. Despite the threat of COVID hanging over many of the musical and arts events this year, I still believe 2021 has been successful. Although the outside world may not have seen the product of hours of work and practice, the students involved still had the creative experience, which, although perhaps not as gratifying, is just as valuable as a standing ovation.