It's been a successful year for Hockey at Columba. All teams, whilst in various stages of development due to a large number of younger players, have shown huge improvements over the season.

The First XI played on Tuesday nights and continually showed good results against other Dunedin schools. The team is in a good position to be a prominent contender in next year's Secondary Schools competition.

The Second XI, led by ex-student Ashleigh McDonald, finished 2nd in the Dunedin Secondary Schools Competition.

Both the First and Second XI shared a combined training every Sunday, which proved to be of great help to the developing players.

Junior and Intermediate teams had a promising season which was, unfortunately, interrupted by COVID. They were lucky enough, though, to complete their season, after lockdown. Intermediate teams played six-a-side on Friday nights and ended the season with some successful wins. Junior teams played on Wednesdays. Hockey starts at Yr 3 for Junior teams, which gives the players plenty of time to develop the skills needed for senior sport.

Hockey, at Columba, continues to promote growth and development, year to year, and has the potential to produce a very competitive team in the future.