by Grace Macbeth

House Prefect 2021 - Braemar

Grace Macbeth

My role as Braemar house captain for 2021 has been both enjoyable and rewarding, and I feel very privileged to have been chosen.

Athletics day was held in the first term. Braemar displayed huge commitment across all year groups and we came away with the win. I loved that everyone got involved and had fun, and that no one was left out.

Swimming sports was also a lot of fun for everyone. There were plenty of fun events for non-swimmers, as well as the usual competitive events for those who love to swim. Although Braemar didn't win the swimming sports this year, it was still a very successful day.

Across all year groups, the Braemar participation in the Cross Country was very good. Everyone had good house spirit going into their run.

Braemar prides itself in its great house spirit. We always dress up, and everyone loves to get amongst all the different events.

When I was younger, I used to admire the older girls who led Braemar. It gave me a lot of pride in my house. So, I was very grateful when I was given the opportunity to lead the girls of Braemar, myself, in my final year. It is one of my most cherished achievements at Columba.